The Bunt

The Force ended up winning this game 12-1!




Here was a race Shaughn did a couple of weeks ago. Someone wreaked in front of him and he had no where to go! That was on the first lap! Looking on the bright side, if there is one, at least his brand new tires can be used for the next race! His car is #34, the one with the fluorescent yellow numbers. Anyone want to sponsor a race car??


Kirby's Confirmation

Kirby's Confirmation was last week. We celebrated by eating at Cicic's afterwards (Kirby's choice). It is amazing how fast the children have grown up!

Oma and Opa with Kirby

Our Family

Tays Big Catch

This kids went fishing in the pond and caught Taylor caught the biggest bass! No, this fish was not harmed, it was caught and released. Kirby does not use the "F" word at home. I was not there to wash his mouth out with soap!