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Tim Turns 50!!(I am a month late posting)
Tim didn't want to do anything special for his 50th Birthday! He was feeling a little old, I mean sad! Our dearest friends offered to cook him dinner for his birthday! She beats Martha Stewart and Paula Dean. She is the best cook. She invited my parents over also. We had a wonder time.
Thank you so much Susan and Peyton!
You are the best!

I made my version of Too Jays, Banana Dream cake. If I must tell, it was just as good!


Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011
I don't know what got into me this year, but I had a great time making decorations and decorating for Halloween. I haven't done a thing in years but really got into it this year. For the first time ever, I forgot to buy pumpkins to carve! Yikes!!! We ended up eating spaghetti squash on Halloween and Kirby came up with the idea to carve it. He drew the line when I told him I was going to put them at the front door for Jack-O-Lanterns.

I call these our RED NECK PUMPKINS!
I rounded up all the empty glass jars I could find and printed eerie labels of the Internet. I filled them with items that represented the label. As much as the kids made fun of me, they made sure to tell all the neighbors!

I found a couple of cool spell book designs online and made them. I picked up the books at the local Goodwill. They came out really cool!

The family Room!
I can finally clean those cob webs off the ceiling!

I bought this candle holder at Michaels. I made candles from toilet paper rolls and electronic tea lights.

Until next Halloween....BOO!