Sky Diving!! CRAZY!

Christine and Taylor purchased a jump from Groupons a year ago and finally got around to doing it.  We had a hard time locating the place in Lake Wales.  When we finally found it, it looked a little sketchy.  Christine was almost ready to bale when signing the release form.  You don't really want to read that partaking in this risky sport can result in death!  The small plane takes off and heads to 10,000 feet before you jump!  Yikes, that is pretty darn high!  They had a great time and loved it!


Yes!  We are alive!!!
Sonic the Hedgehog
Kirby has a new hedgehog. Isn't he adorable? They are nocturnal so we don't get to see to much of him! He spends most of the night running, and running, and running, on his wheel.