Ocean Isle North Carolina

 Memorial Day

 We joined Taylor's mom at their beach house in Ocean Isle after Memorial Day.  The guys found an all day mini golf place.  They had a great time even though Tim was the brunt of the jokes. While the guys golfed the girls checked out all the little thrift shops. 
 We had a great time on the beach.  The kids purchased an inflatable boat and really enjoyed it.
 They buried Taylor in the sand.  Don't worry, we dug him up before high tide hit!

 While Tim, Missy, Christine  and I took a walk, Missy spotted this live star fish in the water.  We named him Patrick, took him home and did  a photo shoot, then released him.  I thought that was really cool!

We brought our unicycle and Tim tried it on the beach.  He did a great job and even won appluase from the young girls next to us.