The Grizzly Bears
After our bison sighting, we came upon three cars stopped on the road. A mother grizzly with her two cubs was walking along the road not 50 ft in front of us!! This was as close to them as we got because as soon as I took the picture they went up the hill!

The Bison

On our second day in Yellowstone National Park we had our first encounter with a bison! It came walking down the road ever so nonchalantly and holding up all the traffic! Dad rolled down his window a started clicking away with the camera, while mom and the kids were screaming,
"Roll up the windows!"

A mile down the road we found about thirty bison just hanging out at the Yellowstone River. It was neat to see them eating and drinking.

By the end of our trip we had conquered our fear of the bison... That is pretty easy when you see the Park Ranger in the middle of the road with tons of bison all over! Hey, there are only three recorded deaths due to bison at Yellowstone. Our chances weren't that great! With Tim at the wheel, we had a better chance of driving off the mountain!