Elf On A Shelf

After spending to much time on Pintrest, I spotted this cute idea of Elf on a Shelf.  The elf watches your children, starting 33 days before Christmas, and reports to Santa each night about their behavior.  Each morning the elf is in new spot.  Our kids are to old for this but I had to do it anyway.  I will updated this entry with "Calabash's" mischief up until X-mas.  Yes, mom is enjoying this more than anyone.

Day 27  
Going away to next year!!!! 
 Day 26   
         Ms. Joy brought me a cookie!!! 
 Day 25   
             Back just in time for Christmas dinner!                 
 Day 24
 Bad snow storm at the North Pole!  Calabash didn't make it back!

 Day 23
Only a couple more days!

  Day 22
Oh, she finally decided to bake!
                      Some Christmas tunes?                      

        Day 20
Oh, my.... doesn't this lady have anything else to do?  How about some baking?

   Day 19
Lots of presents, we must be getting close!
   Day 18
A chair set just for me!!  Santa might be getting a good report tonight!


   Day 17
I had so much fun on the zip line I decided to do it another day!

                                                                       Day 16

 Day 15
Calabash with our two Christmas cards we received so far!!!

 Day 14
Elf Love!
  Day 13

 Day 12
Change this Menu board woman!  I want eggnog!

 Day 11
Just a few pull ups!   Kirby, you should do a few with me!

 Day 10
Yippee!  Riding the sheep!


 Day 9
I am taking it easy today!  If Kirby kicks me off, I am letting Santa know!


Day 8
Kris Kringle came to visit Kirby!  Is he going to share this candy with me!

This family is driving me to drinking!

 Day 6

 Day 5

 Day 4

Day 3
A comfy spot on the tree
Later Day 2
Kirby and Shaughn decided Christmas was to much for Calabash.  More like it was to much work watching them.

Day 2

Day One
Watching from the kitchen table



Halloween 2012

For some reason Halloween is my favorite holiday to decorate for.. I bought this life size skeleton this year and love it!!!!
 Taylor posted this sign on Bones.. I love it!!

 This year I have dragonfly, snake skin and teeth to add to the collection!
 These will soon become snowman!

 Chipotle had $2 burritos if you were dressed up.  We all dressed up and headed there for a cheap dinner, but found the line wayyyyy to long!  So we decided to go next door to Steak and Shake.

 We all took off our costumes except Kirby who only had underwear on under his..  He looked so funny and got so many stares and laughs! 

 Kirby and  Allison heading out for Trick or Treating

Happy 70th Opa!!!

 Happy 70th Birthday Opa!!!

Opa turned 70 today!
  The kids and I put together a little party for him. 
 We made lemon meringue cupcakes, which were delicious!  
We made a silly hat and birthday banner to hand. 
 We ordered pizza from Papa Johns.

Seventy always seemed so old, but the closer I get to it, the younger it seems!



Oktoberfest 2012
Tim and I traveled to Munchen again for Oktoberfest. It was the fourth time we went in the past five years and we have our reservations for next year already.
 We flew in to Munich with Hans our favorite flight attendant.  He is so much fun to go with!

 Tim and I purchased Lederhosen and a Dirndal on our last day! 
 We can't wait to wear them next year!

The German Band
They sang Sweet Home Alabama and We are the Champions in English.  We decided they should have retired years ago!  They were pretty bad but it was still a blast!

Our pooped waitress, patiently waiting for the tent to clear out.
 The tent at closing. It closed at 11 pm which is pretty early by American standards.  With that said, this was the first time Tim and I lasted that long!

Tim and I went to the Hit grocery store everyday.  I love their vegetable section. 

 Look at these tomatoes!! 

Tim and I walked through English Park one afternoon.  We totaled over 11 miles of walking this day.  I racked up over 30,000 steps on my pedometer.  We saw some odd things on that walk!
This was a spot on the river where a damn is built so the kids can surf on it.  It was really neat to watch. It was a beautiful day and lots were surfing and watching!

I had never seen a red squirrel before.  It was much prettier in person.
Now for the most disturbing thing we saw!!!!!

Tim said their was naked man in the park that the flight crews refer to as donkey!  We came across him and another naked man, along with two women that were topless!!! 
Not to worry, I wasn't that close!  I used my zoom lens!