Project 360-Sept and Oct

 Kirby and Allison went Trick or Treating!  Kirby has had this costume forever, but loves it.  They legs are a little shorter and tighter but he still wears it!
Our Halloween pumpkin.  Kirby was quite proud!
This all started with Tim finding a pro and con list Christine and Taylor made about moving to Oviedo. Tim found it in his van.  Tim sucks at DYI projects was on the con side!  In his defense the only thing they saw him do was paint...and he does stink at that.  He is great at everything else.  He did help them tile and Taylor started this chart on one of the old tiles. 
Shaughn spent the night on the couch and Baxter couldn't help but jump all over him!  
Oma gave us two coconuts. Kirby finally got it open and it was not good at all!  Doesn't seem quite fair to spend all that time opening it for a bad coconut!
 Taylor put this sign on Teethie the other day!  I love it! 
I made this hat, cape, and broom to dress up my topiary's.  They become snowmen at Christmas.

Payback is hell!   I came home from running an errand yesterday and found mulch bags covering my Romney sign.  So this morning after dropping Kirby off at school I put the sign in their yard.  I placed it so they can't see it from the  back yard or front. 
Here is Christine and Taylor's house that they just purchased in Carillon.  The lot is beautiful!  It is a corner lot on a huge pond with a gazebo and fountain.
Shaughn got his braces on today!  

I have almost everything planted.  I have one bed to compost, mulch and plant sprouts.  It's looking good.  Now if I could just keep the dog out!

I was excited when I opened the compost bin today and found mushrooms growing!  Christine, my gardening go to girl, said that means its breaking down.
Our political choice! Go Romney and Ryan!
I had to much fun decorating the table.. I love our new friends, Bones!

Here were labels I make for the garden..  
Tim and Shaughn installed the front panel on Shaughn's oven that was missing when we purchased the house.  It took a lot longer than it should have because they lost a screw.
Kirby and Baxter relaxing and watching TV.

Christine is showing me how to do a garden correctly.  We bought lots of fall plants and compost and started tilling the garden.
Opa turned 70, wow, today!   We celebrated with pizza, and cupcakes. The kids and I made decorations and got ballons.  It was lots of fun!!
Tim took the Halloween decorations down today.  This is one of my favorite holidays.  
Shaughn got 4 teeth pulled in preparation for his braces! 

 The bunnies love to shred paper and boxes.  Lulu makes such a mess!

 This is what I made for Opa for his birthday this weekend.   I am also going to pick up some golf balls for him.
 I have been married to my sweetie for 24 wonderful years today!
Here is an eggplant sandwich I made for  dinner.  The bread is grilled eggplant, inside you will find tomatoes, spinach, avocado, grilled onions and cheese.  YUMMY!
Just in time for Halloween! 
The Direct TV guy came and exchanged some of the receivers, this was the mess of wires behind the TV in the family room! Yikes!!
It had been awhile since I feed Bubble, my sourdough starter and thought I had killed it!  After feeding it about four times it came back to life!  I had to make bread!
While driving today, the car's GPS showed that Diary Queen, which has been out of business for over 10 years, was still there.  Tim decided to by funny and call, pretending he was looking for Diary Queen.  Next was Planet Smoothie... He called and asked them if they were Plant Smoothie or Smoothie King!  The kids were dying!  You may get older but you never grow up!

Kirby and I are eating tons of veggies while trying to lose some weight.  He has always been full of gas but even more so now.  This Beano was a gag gift a few years ago, and now its coming in handy!
This is my indoor compost collection bin until I get a real one for Xmas...HINT HINT...
I had the kids over for dinner last night and Christine picked up some potatoes to roast.  I had never seen purple potatoes before.  They were very good!

Christine and Taylor moved down today.  They came over and  we ate some stir fry and played a game. Hey, we should do this every Saturday! 
Tim had to sit in the jump seat in order for us to get home from Munich.  I got the last seat...Literally...I was the only standby person that got a seat and it was the very last seat on the plane!  At least I was next to the bathrooms, I didn't have to walk far.
Tim and I finally broke down a purchased our German Oktoberfest outfits. It is amazing the amount of people that dress up, including all the younger ones.
This is a spot under a bridge in English Park in Munchen where the Germans surf.  Today was a beautiful day and lots were out doing it, plus a few girls. 
Tim and Hans enjoying a beer at Oktoberfest.  We have meet up with Hans, a Delta flight attendant, 4 out of the past five years.   
Off to Oktoberfest!  We got first class seats that recline completly flat! Yahoo!! 
Ahhh.  Baxter fell asleep on this dish rag.  He reminds me of a baby with his blankie!
Looks gross but this Kale-Fruit shake was actually very good!
Baxter deciding which toy he wants out of his basket.
I am so tired of hand washing dishes!  Hopefully the dishwasher will be fixed soon!
This dog thinks he is a cat!

Scruffy got his stitches out today!  He did not want to go into the vet and as we were leaving he got out of his collar and took off like a bat out of hell! He ran past two buildings before Shaughn caught up with him!  Thank God Shaughn was with me and that Scruffy didn't run out to the busy street or surely he would have been hit!  In the past two weeks he has used two of his nine lives!  

Baxter had fun digging this hole and making a big mess!  This so reminds me of Rascal!

We picked our first eggplant.  I sliced it thin, baked it, then topped it with spaghetti sauce and cheese, then baked again!  Yum!!
 We drove up to Valdosta to meet Pam, Tiff and Taylor.  We had a wonderful weekend!
What happens in Valdosta stays in Valdosta!
I walked a ton today.  10,000 steps is good, but this was great!  I have to say, I was sooo tired at the end of the day that I was extremely grumpy.
Kirby drilled holes in this trash can in order to make me a compost bin.  He couldn't resist putting Baxter in first.
I colored my hair today and the kids decided this HAD to be picture of the day! Thank Guys!
This was our first watermelon from the garden.  We had a Red Ribbon Cutting ceremony.  It was a wee bit under ripe, but not to bad.  We have about 4 more growing.
 While talking to Taylor on Google he decided to dress up using their gadget.  It is pretty neat how the objects fit and moves with you.

Christine noticed that Scruffy's eye was kinda popped out and yucky looking.  Her and Taylor were sweeties and took him to the vet late last night.  They ended up taking out his eye.  They think it may have been a mass behind the eye that caused it.  He is 11 years old, I hope we get a few more years out of him.  He was  still well enough this morning to guard his food!
 Chrisitine and I had no idea how to tell if a watermelon was ready to be picked so we watched a utube video.  We picked it but are waiting for Tim to get home till we eat it.  I hope u tube was right.

Today at Joanns the lady at the register gave me a discount coupon of people over 55 and told be to give it to anyone that could use it. I told her I still had a few years, 7 to be exact.  She said she didn't know who to give it to so she covers all her bases.  I told here I will be happy when I can save 20 percent on my order!  
We got so much rain today that the side yard flooded.   Kirby decided to go skin boarding. It was really quite entertaining!
Our democratic son-in-law loves to draw on the white board.   Good thing we like him!

The exercise room has been getting a lot of use lately, so while lifting today I cleaned up between sets.
Lilly chewed through the baby gate so I stacked these boxes in front of it so she couldn't get through.  Instead she decided to jump on the boxes and peek over.  I got her before she got to the other side.  I love this bunny! 

We went to Texas Day Brazil with the kids, Oma and Opa and the Leas!  The have the best salad bar ever
The kids and Tim took the bikes out for a ride.  I did get called after awhile to pick them up in downtown Oviedo.  It was just a little to much for the Kirbster.

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