Susie's Sprouts


Susie's Sprouts

My garden started last year with watermelon, cucumbers and squash.  The only thing that grew were three watermelons.  

They actually got pretty big but really were not that sweet... but it was exciting to watch them grow and I got the gardening bug bad!


Next came the eggplants.   We got so many eggplants from  the two plants I planted.  I learned to cook eggplant many ways.  This really hooked me!


Christine, Shaughn and Tim helped me till  and  enlarge the  garden and mix in compost.  Christine was going to "share" the garden with me but I don't think she thought I could manage  it.  Little did she know, or myself for the matter, that I have a green thumb, or just lots of luck!
Here is the garden when we finished planting everything.

and a few months later!  We ended up having to put up a fence to keep Baxter from eating all my stuff!
2013-03-16 09.58.11
I love the garden sign my girlfriend got me for my birthday!
Yes, the cauliflower is pink.  It got sunburned, but it still tasted great!

Brussel sprouts!
Chinese cabbage! This head was so big and heavy, my kitchen scale couldn't weigh it!

2013-03-21 15.11.04
  We have added another bed for the spring planting!  We are going to grow spaghetti squash, one of my favorites!