Wedding Room

Guest Room
Shaughn finally got moved out and I was quick to get his room redone.  I loved the look of Christine's wedding, burlap, mason jars and sunflowers so I went with that theme.  I had so much stuff along with things I had made for the wedding that I incorporated them into the new makeover.  The best part is that I only had to buy two things for the whole room, the curtains and one of the cubbie things.  I was super excited about the curtains, they look just like burlap!!! The desk I found at Goodwill about 6 months ago for $40!  I didn't know what I was ever going to do with it but loved it.  We ended up using it as a beverage center at the wedding.  I still have a few little touches I need to do, but overall I am very pleased.  I don't particularly like the futon but don't want a bed in here.


 New Bunnies!
Our beloved Tubbie passed away last month expectantly so I was on the hunt to replace him.  I found two sites for bunnies.  One was a rabbitary in Tampa and one a few miles away.  I contacted both and neither had bunnies!!!!  A week later I was contacted by both, they just had babies born. Of course we had to get both.  The are both 5 weeks old, born four days apart, and I picked both up the same day!  Both sellers kept me updated with pictures weekly. 

Lulu and Lilly
Lulu looks gray here but turned out brown.  She is so friendly.  She weighs 578 grams and Lilly the black and white one weighs 345grams.  They should grow up to weigh 3 to 4.5 lbs. The are Dwarf Holland Lops.
One week old

 They are so friendly.  The love to be held! 
They have bonded together nicely!