Hagerty High School Homecoming 2010

Hagerty High School 2010
Saturday the boys went to the Homecoming dance. Kirby is in ninth grade and Shaughn graduated last year but his girlfriend is in high school so he took her. He will probably do all the high school stuff this year that he didn't do when he was in school!!
Shaughn, Allison and Kirby

Shaughn and Kirby
Shaughn and Allison-
Aren't the a cute couple!


Mets-Fall Season 2010

The Mets finished of the season winning 6 games, losing 3 and tying one. All the boys on the team were great and they had a lot of fun this season. I love this picture of Kirb and Anders. Kirby looks so little!! It is hard to believe that both of these boys are in 9th grade. I may have to invest in a stretcher soon!


Hunting 2010-South Dakota

Tim, Kirby, Gramps and Clark did the mens annual hunting weekend again this year! The guys have been doing this for about 19 years now! I think Tim has only missed one year due to Delta recurrent training. Kirby loves this trip and looks foward to it every year while Shaughn quit years ago. It's not his thing.

Notice Tim's shoes?

They fell apart the first day so he ended up duct taping them!

The McCormick Men