Christine and Taylor's Wedding
Well the big day finally came. The weather looked clear up until Thursday, when a cold front was forecast ed for Saturday.  We decided to get a 20 by 20 tent, then Friday night the forecast was changed to a 60 % chance of horrible thunderstorms and hail Saturday evening.  Susan and I wanted to change the wedding to earlier in the day but Christine didn't want to.  When the tent was pitched we were happy to see we could change the game plan and fit all of the tables under with no problem and leave the deck open for the vows.
Saturday morning the rain forecast was changed to 30 percent and some of the storms had fallen apart.  It ended up raining about 30 minutes before the vows and only for 10 minutes.  
Thank you God!  You answered our prayers.

The Flower Arrangements
  Emma the Flower Girl and Jack the Ring Bearer
They were adorable!

A tearful dad giving his daughter away!

The new husband giving the bride a kiss!
Yuck!  I have to kiss my sister!  Where did it say that!  Kirby also wanted to know why nobody was asked if they object to this marriage....

 The gorgeous bride!
Taylor and Tine with Susan, the wonderful hostess!  She did all the planning!  I love you Susan!
We have decided Tine and Taylor need to name their first daughter Sue, after her and me!

Shaughn and his sister
The McCormick Clan!  All the aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins!

Oma and Opa with Christine

Allison, Shaughn's girlfriend! She didn't catch the bouquet!  That's not why she is smiling!
Susie and Tim with the newlyweds!
 Tim and his daughter!
She was beautiful and he soo handsome!
This was the cake I made.  It was lemon cake with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting!  It was so good.  A lot of people came back for 2nds and even thirds!  There was not a bite left!

 The tearful father of the bride has gotten over his tears and is now attempting a keg stand.  Isn't there an
age limit to this??


We brought Rascal home from the humane society in July of 1998. She was supposed to be my dog, but the entire family really loved her. Mom had mocha (a laso apso that she received as a wedding present from my dad), but Rascal was a real family dog. Dad was surprised when we brought her home, especially when he found out how big she was supposed to get.

It wasn't the size he should have worried about--- it was the energy level. What a naughty dog. She would get out from under the fence, and streak around the neighborhood. I don't know how many times I was roused from bed in the morning with orders to "go catch 'er." More often than not it would turn into a trek through the neighborhood nature trail (more like swamp). She'd let me get within inches of her, and then sprint out of my reach again. Mom hated the mud she dragged through the patio, which was part of the reason it's now painted brown instead of stark white. She would also flip out during thunderstorms (pretty much everyday during the Florida summers). She'd tear down doors, dig out of the yard, bark, whine, pant, and pace. Mom swore time and time again that we were going to bring her back to the pound, but thankfully we stuck it out until she calmed down past puppyhood.
Not that Rascal was all trouble. Most of the time she was a pretty cool dog, sporting a mohawk or a sweet pair of shades.

Around age seven, Rascal started getting hip problems. Most days she was fine, but some days she should limp or hop around the house. Things got progressively worse, especially in the last year. Rascal began having trouble walking on the tile floors, often slipping and falling. She began spending her time outside in the backyard where she could get better traction on the grass. Her favorite spot was under the nectarine tree in the back corner of the yard.

After her days became progressively more difficult and painful, a tough decision was made. Yesterday Dad, Kirby and I brought Rascal to the vet to say goodbye. After deciding that cremation was too impersonal, we brought her home and laid her to rest under her favorite nectarine tree. We will always love and miss you Rascal!