New College Graduation

 Christine graduated from New College last night.
On the way to Sarasota we hit this brush fire down by Disney.  After we got through they closed I-4 for two hours!  

We hit Christine and Taylor's favorite Chinese restaurant in Sarasota, Ms. Chengs, before graduation.  Yum Yum!
  She actually finished in January but the college only holds the ceremony once a year.  While a lot of kids take longer than four years to finish, it only took her 3.5 years.  What a smart one she is.  The New College graduation is an odd one.  They don't wear the traditional cap and gown, but whatever they want.  Some went barefoot, one girl brought her dog on stage, donned in a cap and gown, as she walked across the stage.  From what we were told, this year was pretty toned down.  They had naked painted bodies last year!

 Christine is looking to see that she actually has a seat.  At practice it was all messed up.. Is she a McCormick or a Jamrok?

 This was my second favorite, and most original!
 Christine's 1st year roommate, Gina, wearing her wedding gown.

 Who ever thought Christine would be the normal one? 

 My favorite!  He even had beer in his mug!  Only at New College!

I know, it looks more like Halloween than Graduation!

Drum Roll Please..........
Super Big Gulp even made it to graduation!
Mr. and Mrs Jamrok


Chad and Tim decided to do a Triathlon last month and today was the big event.  Tim was upset that he was put in the group with the older people.  He is in denial!  He did end up taking 2nd out of 12 in his age group.  Not to bad Timmy Boy!

             Chad and Tim Before the Race
 The Bike Section
Chad's chain fell off before he even started!!!  
 Crossing the Finish Line
 Tim looking irked because he pulled his hamstring during the swim and it acted up during his run
You did it!!!!

100th over all
11th in his age group 

Tim Placed
63rd over all
2nd in his age group

Chad:  Overall 1:13:39
Swim: 14:17
Bike: 35:06
Run: 20:48
Tim:  Overall 1:08:52
Swim:  14:29
Bike: 30:12
Run:  20:25