Wedding Stuff!

 The wedding is just a week away!  Wow!  We are finishing up a few things.  Here is the basket for the flower girl.
 Here are soaps Christine and Taylor made for the girl's gifts.  They came out nice and smell really good!

 Here are some banners for the back of the bride and groom chairs.  Not sure if I am going to use them or not.  These are not the actual chairs we are using so I will see how the look on the real one. 

Here are some candles wrapped in burlap with a tiny tag attached.   These will be placed where ever there needs an extra candle.
 Here are some journals I put together for the tables.  Hopefully everyone will get a chance to fill them all. The cover is completely paper, did in Adobe.  I had purchased these journals years ago from Michaels for 50 cents each.  The pens are also covered in burlap paper.
 I think they came out pretty good.
The topics include, What is your best marriage advice, what were you really thinking during our wedding vows, Where do you see us in 25 years, What should we do our first year of marriage, What places should we visit and why? These idea was taken from Martha Stewart.  I think it should be fun.

  This is a blah wedding post.  I decorated the jars that will be vases.  
They each have tag with a definition on it. 
 These are large tea lights from Ikea.  They will be floating in the pool and spa along with some sunflowers.

 Here is the menu board which will be posted at the front of the buffet line.  I actually made this for Christine and Taylor for Christmas but we decided to use it for the wedding first.  It has a magnet sheet behind the burlap and the sunflowers are magnets I made.

 I finished up the photo board today.  It has a mixture of pictures of them as kids and after they met.  I love how it came out.  It did take me a while to get it picture in the perfect spot along with the clothes pins arranged correctly.  Yes, I know... I am crazy!


Today my friend, Brenda, came over to help my with the wedding.  Since our numbers have gone up we needed more Thank you gifts..  We bought chocolate bars and wrapped them up.  I had these vintage looking suitcase I had been wanting to use and since I used the wagon already, this was perfect.  And what do you know... I happen to have more of them!!

I got some tablecloths I ordered today and had to put a table together.  The wedding is going to be in a garden, in the evening.  Each table will have tons o candles so it should be beautiful!  The sunflowers in the photo are fake, but will be real on the wedding day. I may have to test the candles out tonight!!!  Oh...why not sit down and eat dinner here and get the true effect!
  Only kidding, Christine!

This the an old wagon I got off of Ebay.  It is filled with cones containing sunflower seeds to toss at the bride and groom as the leave.

These are the napkins.  Everyone at the head table will have a definition and an assigned seat.

Here are the letters for the front door.  T for Taylor, C for Christine.  I had also done a J for Jamrok and covered it with sunflower seeds but I did not care for it.

Here is a coat hanger I made for the wedding dress.  I am pleased with how it came out.  I may distress the leaves and petals  on the sunflower some.  It doesn't look rustic enough for me!

Here is the Guest Book for the wedding.
  It is actually an address book. 

Here is the official invite!  They are complete and ready to mail!

I marked the address out so we wouldn't have any wedding crashers!

Christine and Taylor are getting married in March and here is some of the stuff so far!  
 This is a bird cage for cards during the reception

 Here is a memory board that will have pictures of Taylor and Christine

 Here is a mock table set up.  Their theme is burlap, mason jars and sunflowers.

This is the Save the Date card.