Stuttgarter Frühlingsfest

Tim and I enjoy Oktoberfest so much he wanted to try another Beer Fest off we headed for a two day adventure to Stuttgarter Frühlingsfest.   Although we had a good time we prefer Oktoberfest hands down.  It was much easier to find a seat here. In fact, Tim and I had no problems getting one.  The tents started to fill up around 4-5ish.  We found it to be lots of young people and everyone smoked.  You were permitted to smoke in the tents here but at Oktoberfest it wasn't allowed.  Needless to say, my sinuses flared up!

 Now getting back to our hotel the first night wasn't so fun! After three beers, Mr. Navigator, aka Tim, got us lost and took over two hours to find our hotel.  I couldn't walk at all and a bird pooped on my head!

Stuttgart is a very pretty city.  It  is located between hills.  I think it is one of the prettier cities in Germany.
 Tim and I stopped by the bakery and I found my favorite German pastry.  I had one of  these every day when I was in high school in Ramstein.