Byron Visits!!

My brother, Byron and his friend Tracy came to visit for a week before Christmas. It is always great to see him. My kids just love him!
Oma, Opa, Byron, Tracy, Susie, Kirby and Sparky


Kid's Christmas Picture
Thank goodness for trees in airports!

Kirby 15, Christine 22, Shaughn 20

Christine and her sweetie, Taylor, soon to be husband!!!
I am to young to have a daughter that is getting married!



Shaughn a Snoozing!
and that was before the shot of Tequila!

Tim's Typical Breakfast
And he wonders how he gained 12lbs in 4 days! And this was just the first plate!

Taylor and Christine!

The PUTT PUTT Champs are......
The McCormicks!
(there may have been a little cheating going on!)