About a month ago our hedgehog, Sonic, died of old age. 

 He was given to us as an adult.  He was very grumpy, we think because he wasn't held much.

We decided to get an new one but as a baby.  We brought Russel home on Friday, Oct 12th.  He was about 5 and 1/2 weeks.
 Isn't he adorable!
 He loves Cilantro!
 I really need Grand kids so I can stop sewing for our baby hedgehog!!


amysuesue said...

He is absolutely adorable... Thank you again for sharing him with my class! I have hedgehog envy... Let me know if you ever need me to watch him!

Susie said...

Thanks Amy! I loved sharing him with your class! I LOVED the poster you and the children put together!! Thank you!