Home Run!!

Kirby's First Home Run!

Kirby's AAU coach called Wednesday morning and said he had an picked up a brand new composite bat for someone but it was the wrong length, so he was selling it. I looked at Tim and said, "Does he REALLY need another bat?" (He had gotten two for Christmas and a big barrel a month prior!) We didn't talk about it again, but that evening Coach Berdine shows up to watch Kirby's game. His son Conner let Kirby borrow his bat, which is the same, and OF COURSE, Kirby hits his first home run. I turned to Coach Berdine, and said, "Now, I really do need that bat!" Kirby played another game this week and hit all the way to the fence two more times. One hit the top of the fence and decided to roll back into the field! ALMOST! Coach Berdine says we aren't allowed to use the bat against his Babe Ruth Team, which lead him to sneak into Kirby's bag and steal it before last nights game! Of course he was only kidding and Kirby did use it! As for Kirby, he is loving his bat, the length, and speed of his hits. He wants his lucky streak to continue so mom's not allowed to wash the uniform (it's been four games now), he's not taking off his lucky baseball underwear, showering, or washing his hair! He does not want his lucky streak to end!

My advice to you... stay far away from him until this tournament is over! The team greeting after the run!

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