Oktober WHAT?
Party in the house... err.... tent

For some reason, my mom and dad decided to go to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany to celebrate their 20th anniversary. The only went for a couple of days, but from what I can tell, it was an absolute BLAST. Mom said that by the end of the night (and after a few liters of beer) she was speaking fluent German, inviting some 19-year-old Deutchland hotties to come meet her daughter (me), and had told everyone they met to come visit us in Florida.
For some reason, whenever my mom is in Germany, she turns into a beer-chugging machine. I bet she hasn't told you guys about the time she went to college in Munich--- she had to come home a month into it because she thought she had alcohol poisoning from visiting the beer halls every night!

They got in trouble a couple of times for standing up on tables and making a general ruckus. You'd think they were teenagers, honestly.

They definitely had enough fun (and weren't deterred by the hangovers) because dad went back the next week with his daddy! I'm kind of jealous.
Mom and dad say they'll take me to Oktoberfest next year though.

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