Germany and Austria Vacation

 We went to the Haufbrau House the first night we were in Munich.  Kirby had his first beer.  He actually had a  Radler, beer and lemonade mixed.  He didn't like the straight beer.

 This was Taylor's first time in Germany.

 For breakfast and lunch in Germany we went to the local grocer and bought sandwich stuff.  Boy, were those great sandwiches. 

 We went to the Salt mines in Salzburg.
The uniforms changed from last time.  This picture reminds me of convicts lined up.

P1050079  You could see the Neuschwanstein  Castle from our hotel room.  It was really pretty.  In the morning as we were leaving the castle was peeking out from beneath the clouds.  

After three days in Germany, we headed up to Innbruck, Austria. The first day we got fitted for ski equipment.  The man that fitted us asked us if we were taking lessons.  Hmmmm.. he replied when we said no.  Next he asked where we were sking... Axamer Lizum we told him.. I don't think that's a good idea was his response... HMMMMMMM!  Oh yeah, did I forget to mention the highest ski slopes around Innsbruck are here and the Olympics was also held here twice! 


It was snowing so bad when we got to the slopes.  You could not see 30 feet in front of you!  We rode the tram up the mountain to the blue run.  Mom made it 30 feet down the mountain before deciding to bale.  Christine, Taylor and Kirby weren't far behind! Tim, Shaughn and Josh did make it down, but Tim did say it was rough and was glad the rest of us headed back.  Christine and Taylor did attempt the beginner hill and had a great time doing that.
Tim and Shaughn after doing the blue run for the second time... They look sooooooo cold!

They all had a great time having a snowball fight at the car.

The slopes the next day.  Much clearer!
but not clear enough to get my ass out there again!

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