The family's latest project?

Last week, I (Christine, the new updater of this blog) decided that it was time to build a fully-functioning fire pit in our backyard. One of mom's millions of scrapbooking friends had just recently dug up 700 pavers in her backyard, and after hearing of our newest escapade, donated two truckloads of bricks.


We later learned that having a firepit in a residential backyard broke safety codes, so if anyone asks, our firepit is for religious purposes. I can now sacrifice goats to the gods!


In order to begin laying the bricks we had to find a way to level the ground. Dad came up with a complicated, inefficient, and rather idiotic way of attempting to smooth out the ground using string and thumbtacks. Against my protests, he was insistent that it would work. It wasn't until mom pulled out the home-improvement books that he abandoned his futile attempt in place of a screed--- a long 2x4 that we pushed through the dirt.


The firepit still isn't done, but once it is, feel free to stop by with any small animals you wish to give up to the gods.

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